The Muscle B is Mobile!

And the Malls of American need to be vigilant.   Because she is a comin!

And if she comes bobbin down the hallway, you better watch out.  All of that Muscle Milk has made her as solid as an oak tree.   When she careens off your kneecaps, you will feel it for a day or so.


Anyways, a long work day for the Male half of The Muscle Couple.  And the Female half travelled to Houston so her parents could show off the Muscle B to their neighbors.  Tuan and Truc Nguyen are very proud of their Grand Daughter. And that makes Mommy and Daddy proud too!  The Muscle B really rubs off on people in a positive way.  For that we are thankful.

Even today on a crowded Southwest Jet, she was tapping people on the leg as they made it down the middle walk way trying to get to their seats.  She would then say “HI” and when they smiled she would quickly retort “BYE” as she turned away and focused her attention on the next unsuspecting passenger.    What a BUSCUIT!

Here is a recent video of her rocking her new YELLOW KICKS thru the Beverly Center.

We are working on a wicked new logo that should be ready within the next couple of days.  We are also in the final stages of redesigning the site and are very thankful for our growing readership.

We continue to be amazed at the reception of our site and feel blessed to have so many people reading and following along.  We ask that you continue to discuss and refer it to your friends and social networks.  And please don’t hesitate to stop in and leave a comment or request for specific content you’d like to see.  No idea will be rejected.

Until tomorrow!



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