Build a Better Body Update #1-“10 Days In”


Michael on his way to looking like this?

Michael on his way to looking like this?

I wanted to give everybody an update after receiving a status report from Michael Finn today after his first 10 days.   Here it is in his own words.

“Workout routine is going great!

Hit it super hard at 5:30 this am on Full body 2.  Love the Skull crushers 🙂  

Monday-Wed-Fri are my workout days and am religious on it. The routines are intense. 

It’s great because even though I’m only in 3 days a week,  The Full Body Routine you put together is hitting all the muscles consistently on those days. 

Weight is around 174lbs as of this AM. (Gain of 9 Pounds from start)  

Been eating anything I can get my hands on.  Haven’t gone more than 3 hours without getting anything in my system.

I have protein bars and Shakes on me at all times for the hunger urge.  Not really counting the calories or protein intake but I know it’s more than enough. 

Staying away from fast food, fried shit, cokes, ect.

Drinking about a gallon of water a day as well. 

Just have so much more energy and is a killer start to my day

I’ll take some pics end of next week so I can get another round of the routine in.”

Thanks Michael.  It appears you are well on your way!

We’ve gone ahead and highlighted certain passages from his comments where we thought appropriate.  

For anybody following along from home and considering doing something similar, these should be helpful to you.

We’ll post pics later this week to confirm his commentary.

Be on the lookout for an INCREDIBLE ABDOMINAL ARTICLE coming soon.

We hope everybody has a great day!



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