Modding Your Blackberry

The Muscle Couple are Blackberry Fiends!   We’ll do anything in the name of a better and faster OS on our Devices.    

To Make The BB Storm Work-You Have to Be A Modding Expert!

To Make The BB Storm Work-You Have to Be A Modding Expert!

In our constant need to tinker we thought it was best to highlight and share with our readers the best “Modding Sites” for Blackberry.  

When we refer to ‘Modding Sites’ we specifically discuss sites that offer access to the “latest and greatest”.  New Operating Systems,  Freeware, Links,  Applications, Accessories etc.  Because there are so many different Blackberry devices out there, we’ll just refer you to the General Sites and you can then search around based on  your Device Model.  

Without further adeiu:

The Best Blackberry Sites

  •    Great Information in their Daily Blog with updates about all things Blackberry
  • Crackberry Forums     This use to be the best resource on the web for the latest and greatest enhancements to your Device.  It’s still worth a bookmark for your Blackberry.
  • Blackberry OS   These guys are recently onto the scene and DEFINITELY have the BEST BETA OS FORUMS for the newest Operating Systems available for your Device
  • Blackberry Forums  This site has been around for  a while and has some good discussion and information. 
  • Pinstack    This site also offers a lot of excellent information for Smart Phone Users.  The Blackberry info is usually on point and bleeding edge.
  •  This is your site to buy parts, Cases, Batteries, Chargers, Stands, Bluetooth Accessories etc.  Always check here for the lowest prices before buying anywhere else.

We hope you find this information useful in making your Blackberry the perfect PDA.

It’s a beautiful day in So Cal and it’s time to Drop the Top!

Enjoy your weekends wherever you may be!



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