The Importance of Health Club Child Care

This is a very important topic for The Muscle Couple.

Nothing is more important to us than our concern for Alexandra’s care at all times.

There is no way Anh and I would be able to maintain our present fitness level and conditioning without the help and service of the kind women who work the Child Care facilities at our gyms:

  • Golds Gym Pasadena-Kids Club
  • 24 Hour Fitness Child Care

Both of these facillities are Zod-Sends for us.

We rarely trust anybody with the care of The Muscle B.  Thankfully both of these gyms have wonderful people working in them who absolutely love children.

The peace of mind Anh and I are able to gain 3-4 nights out of every week can’t be understated.  After a long day of work  or even a long day of  The Muscle B, being able to run to the gym and put Alexandra into the hands of willing-talented and qualified care givers for 60-90 minutes is incredible solace.  Being able to dedicate all of our energy and focus to our workout without cause for worry, is truly special to us.

We’d like to specifically mention Stella and Adella from the Kid’s Club at Gold’s Gym Pasadena.  Both of these women are like surrogate Grandmothers to Alexandra.  She genuinely enjoys being with them and Mommy and Daddy are ETERNALLY GRATEFUL for their care and concern.

If any of our readers are in a similar situation please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss.  As we said previously, finding somebody reliable and qualified to watch your infant children is SERIOUS BUSINESS! And if you are as serious as we are about your fitness, you should investigate this fully.  Anh would never have been able to get her pre-pregnancy figure back in under 6 months without their help and support.

Here is a picture of Stella with Anh and The Muscle B at the Kids Club @ Golds Gym Pasadena.

Thank You Stella!  We Love You and So Does Alexandra!

Thank You Stella! We Love You and So Does Alexandra!

Have a great week Everybody!



One response to “The Importance of Health Club Child Care

  1. This is a great post. I think that people sometimes forget to focus on the the value (as opposed to the cost) of a service, especially given our busy lives. Giving a shout-out to specific people was truly a class act!

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