Downtown LA Has a Sick New Spot!

The Muscle Couple has never written about a cool hangout/party spot until now.  

In fact for us to write about it, it has to be ONE KICK ASS VENUE!  Well, we’ve found it.

Suede Bar & Lounge in Downtown LA at the Westin Bonaventure is an oasis of cool-chic right square in the middle of the Downtown LA Corp workplace.  As they say right on their website:


This Place Rocks!

This Place Rocks!

A View of their Stylish Bar

A View of their Stylish Bar

In addition to their crowd jumping weekends, Thursday Night the Owners are bringing in a sophisticated-beautiful crowd who enjoy dancing and vibing to the Sounds of Progressive and Vocal House Music.  

It’s a very cool place to come and grab a drink after work or dinner to listen to some excellent tunes and people watch.  And if you’re single, I’m PRETTY CERTAIN the gene pool is of the highest quality. 😉  

The staff is really sexy and their service is A+ across the board.  The decor is slick and the sound system  and acoustics are perfect due to the intimate nature of the venue.  In addition they also serve some delectable appetizers in case you need to grab a quick bite.

Currently they have an excellent crew of LA based House DJ’s led by Jaime Narvaez of Nectar Records.  I’m fairly confident the owners plan to become even more ambitious in luring some Headlining House Music acts as the venue gains more notoriety in THE SCENE of So Cal.

Come bye soon and check it out!  You won’t regret it!

Suede Bar and Lounge

404 South Figueroa Street Los Angeles CA, 90071 


The View from the Behind the DJ Booth

The View from the Behind the DJ Booth





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