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Downtown LA Has a Sick New Spot!

The Muscle Couple has never written about a cool hangout/party spot until now.  

In fact for us to write about it, it has to be ONE KICK ASS VENUE!  Well, we’ve found it.

Suede Bar & Lounge in Downtown LA at the Westin Bonaventure is an oasis of cool-chic right square in the middle of the Downtown LA Corp workplace.  As they say right on their website:


This Place Rocks!

This Place Rocks!

A View of their Stylish Bar

A View of their Stylish Bar

In addition to their crowd jumping weekends, Thursday Night the Owners are bringing in a sophisticated-beautiful crowd who enjoy dancing and vibing to the Sounds of Progressive and Vocal House Music.  

It’s a very cool place to come and grab a drink after work or dinner to listen to some excellent tunes and people watch.  And if you’re single, I’m PRETTY CERTAIN the gene pool is of the highest quality. 😉  

The staff is really sexy and their service is A+ across the board.  The decor is slick and the sound system  and acoustics are perfect due to the intimate nature of the venue.  In addition they also serve some delectable appetizers in case you need to grab a quick bite.

Currently they have an excellent crew of LA based House DJ’s led by Jaime Narvaez of Nectar Records.  I’m fairly confident the owners plan to become even more ambitious in luring some Headlining House Music acts as the venue gains more notoriety in THE SCENE of So Cal.

Come bye soon and check it out!  You won’t regret it!

Suede Bar and Lounge

404 South Figueroa Street Los Angeles CA, 90071 


The View from the Behind the DJ Booth

The View from the Behind the DJ Booth





The Importance of Health Club Child Care

This is a very important topic for The Muscle Couple.

Nothing is more important to us than our concern for Alexandra’s care at all times.

There is no way Anh and I would be able to maintain our present fitness level and conditioning without the help and service of the kind women who work the Child Care facilities at our gyms:

  • Golds Gym Pasadena-Kids Club
  • 24 Hour Fitness Child Care

Both of these facillities are Zod-Sends for us.

We rarely trust anybody with the care of The Muscle B.  Thankfully both of these gyms have wonderful people working in them who absolutely love children.

The peace of mind Anh and I are able to gain 3-4 nights out of every week can’t be understated.  After a long day of work  or even a long day of  The Muscle B, being able to run to the gym and put Alexandra into the hands of willing-talented and qualified care givers for 60-90 minutes is incredible solace.  Being able to dedicate all of our energy and focus to our workout without cause for worry, is truly special to us.

We’d like to specifically mention Stella and Adella from the Kid’s Club at Gold’s Gym Pasadena.  Both of these women are like surrogate Grandmothers to Alexandra.  She genuinely enjoys being with them and Mommy and Daddy are ETERNALLY GRATEFUL for their care and concern.

If any of our readers are in a similar situation please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss.  As we said previously, finding somebody reliable and qualified to watch your infant children is SERIOUS BUSINESS! And if you are as serious as we are about your fitness, you should investigate this fully.  Anh would never have been able to get her pre-pregnancy figure back in under 6 months without their help and support.

Here is a picture of Stella with Anh and The Muscle B at the Kids Club @ Golds Gym Pasadena.

Thank You Stella!  We Love You and So Does Alexandra!

Thank You Stella! We Love You and So Does Alexandra!

Have a great week Everybody!


Modding Your Blackberry

The Muscle Couple are Blackberry Fiends!   We’ll do anything in the name of a better and faster OS on our Devices.    

To Make The BB Storm Work-You Have to Be A Modding Expert!

To Make The BB Storm Work-You Have to Be A Modding Expert!

In our constant need to tinker we thought it was best to highlight and share with our readers the best “Modding Sites” for Blackberry.  

When we refer to ‘Modding Sites’ we specifically discuss sites that offer access to the “latest and greatest”.  New Operating Systems,  Freeware, Links,  Applications, Accessories etc.  Because there are so many different Blackberry devices out there, we’ll just refer you to the General Sites and you can then search around based on  your Device Model.  

Without further adeiu:

The Best Blackberry Sites

  •    Great Information in their Daily Blog with updates about all things Blackberry
  • Crackberry Forums     This use to be the best resource on the web for the latest and greatest enhancements to your Device.  It’s still worth a bookmark for your Blackberry.
  • Blackberry OS   These guys are recently onto the scene and DEFINITELY have the BEST BETA OS FORUMS for the newest Operating Systems available for your Device
  • Blackberry Forums  This site has been around for  a while and has some good discussion and information. 
  • Pinstack    This site also offers a lot of excellent information for Smart Phone Users.  The Blackberry info is usually on point and bleeding edge.
  •  This is your site to buy parts, Cases, Batteries, Chargers, Stands, Bluetooth Accessories etc.  Always check here for the lowest prices before buying anywhere else.

We hope you find this information useful in making your Blackberry the perfect PDA.

It’s a beautiful day in So Cal and it’s time to Drop the Top!

Enjoy your weekends wherever you may be!


The Honorable and Inimitable Jesse Ventura

Say what you want about Jesse as the Governor of Minnesota, the guy is a RENAISSANCE MAN who calls em as he sees em!  

He has a new book “Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me” which is recommended reading.

The Muscle Couple believes his commentary on the rise of an “Activist 3rd Political Party” is incredibly needed and warranted in present day America.  

His quote says it all:

“People like me who are fiscally conservative and socially liberal are made to choose the lesser of the two evils all the time in this TWO PARTY DICTATORSHIP”

Check out these recent videos from his interview with Larry King on CNN on May 11th.  It’s a fascinating discussion on a wide number of topics.

Pay particular attention to his commentary about “living off the grid for half of every year in Mexico”.

Part 1

Part 2

Build a Better Body Update #2 With Photos

Another update on Michael Finn’s exploits to improve his physiqe.  It appears things are shaping up quite nicely after only 14 days.   

Here are his own words:

Second week is going strong.  

 Still eating anything and everything I can get my hands on.  Been staying away from fried foods, colas,etc.  Don’t miss it either (which is suprising). 

 So much more energy and overall, quality of life has DRASTICALLY improved. 

I’ve been cranking it into overdrive now since my muscles had a chance to get torn up and recover from last week.  I’ve never been more motivated than I am now especially since I’m starting to see a difference in my body.  And to think it’s only been 2 weeks!  Been going hard on the sets and going until failure on the last set every time NO EXCUSES.  If I can lift my arms over my head, then I haven’t worked my arms hard enough yet!  

I’ve set my goals into 3 month increments so my motivation right now has been to stack on as much weight (Solid muscle weight of course) as I can while hitting the gym and getting my muscles used to getting beat down. 

I just hit the 180lb mark  for the first time in my life!!!!!  You have no idea how good this makes me feel!.  I am so STOKED!  My motivation is increasing and there is definitely no sign of stopping now. 

Here’s to 190lbs and an increase of 10lbs (at least) per weight exercise next week at the gym.

And Check These Before and After pics to prove he is actually “Making it Happen” after only 2.5 weeks!


Look at the Improved Thickness in His Upper Chest and Arms

Look at the Improved Thickness in His Upper Chest and Arms

Before Flex

The Boy Definitely Getting Thicker in Upper Body-Shoulders and Arms!

The Boy Definitely Getting Thicker in Upper Body-Shoulders and Arms!

Good job brother Finn!  

The Muscle Couple is very pround of you!   Imagine where you will be two months from now? Keep on Keepin on!

What does everybody think of the new site Design?  We encourage your commentary and criticisms of the look and feel.  Please realize it’s a work in progress and we’ll be changing it daily for a bit to try and get what we’re eventually after.  

Be on the lookout for some more articles very soon!



The Muscle Couple Site is Now Categorized by Topic!

Hello Friends!

After some long nights, we have now catalogued the site!  

You can now search it by “FREQUENTLY DISCUSSED TOPICS” on the right.  All of the Topics are in a drop down menu so you can quickly access information on any of them.  

Just click on “SELECT CATEGORY” and away you go.

Here is the list of CATEGORIES.  (We’ll be adding to this list as the Blog continues to grow)

  • Advice and Recommendations
  • Dieting and Bodyfat Loss
  • Essential Fatty Acids
  • Financial Information
  • Nutrition
  • Protein
  • Supplementation
  • Technology and Gadgets
  • The Life and Family of The Muscle Couple
  • The Muscle B
  • The Muscle Couple Photos
  • Thermogenics
  • Training
  • Exercise Videos
  • Soapbox

You will find many of the Blog Topics consisting of more than one Category.   

This is still a major work in progress and please excuse us if there are some hiccups along the way.  The site is also undergoing a major design change soon.  Feel free to play around with the drop down Menu and see how it functions.  The site has never been easier to search and scan and we are really happy to have it so organized.

Due to The Muscle Couple becoming much more than we ever expected as a Resource Destination, we’ve also decided to slightly change our “ABOUT PHRASE

We now encourage you to promote the site to your friends-family and Social Networks as:

T"THE Online Destination for Improving Your Health, Fitness and Family Life"

"THE Online Destination for Improving Your Health, Fitness and Family Life"

Thank you for making it so!


Eliminating Low Back Pain for Life

The Muscle Couple  with an important commentary on preventing and eliminating LBP (Low Back Pain).

One of the saddest things you’ll see in life is an old person who is literally bent over at the waist from a deteriorated spine.  There can be numerous reasons why their body takes on that shape/form in their late ages, but it’s absolutely devastating for their mobility and quality of life. 

This is no condition to find yourself late in life.

This is no condition to find yourself late in life.

Back pain is such a horrible and commonplace malady for people of all walks of life.  And to think it can be easily alleviated if not cured for many with some changes to their exercise routine.  The best way to guard against it from ever happening to you is by strengthening your spine and most specifically your lower back muscles known as the Erector Spinae”.

The Muscles of the back are very closely intertwined easily detailing the complexity of LBP

The Muscles of the back are very closely intertwined easily detailing the complexity of LBP

So many trainees overlook this muscle group in their training in their early 20’s and some even into their middle and late 30’s.  And it will catch up with you quickly.  Neglecting your low back musculature will lead to numerous muscular imbalances in your core, your upper shoulders/neck and your hamstrings.  Adding to the problem is long term seated posture while working, sitting in traffic or in front of a computer half of every day. Before you know it, you’ve got all kinds of problems like Lordosis, a pooch/paunch down in your lower abs/belly and terrible “LBP”. (LOW BACK PAIN)  LBP is the #1 cause of disability in the United States.  

So how do you prevent against it?   It’s actually a pretty simple exercise to insert into your routine  The Muscle  Couple believes the best exercise to strengthen your lower back and improve your Erector Spinae is Low Back Extensions on a Roman Chair.(known also as a Hyperextension)

This Exercise will provide a lifetime devoid of Lower Back Pain

This Exercise will provide a lifetime devoid of Lower Back Pain


Your Erectors act as primary  movers extending your back at your hip and allowing you to move your torso  upward.  They also allow your torso to move downward in a controlled fashion to restart the movement. As they become stronger it becomes easier to do multiple reps.  As you progress into higher rep ranges, you can actually begin to use the “Progressive Overload principle of adding weight to the resistance of the movement.  This can be done by holding a weight plate across your chest with both arms or even holding it in your hands with arms extended as you perform the reps.   

Your “Hamstring Muscles” also are involved in this exercise acting as anchors(hip extensors) when your legs are locked into the position provided by the machine.  You should always stretch your hamstrings right after you finish your sets to make them more pliable and to minimize and eliminate tightness from long term seated posture.  Let’s face it, in the internet day and age we can all benefit from increased hamstring flexibility after sitting in front of computers for hour after hour.

So how often should you perform these exercises?  It really doesn’t hurt to do them every day in your home or concurrently with your Ab training when at the gym.  The Muscle Couple perform 3 sets every day after our cardio. You most likely will see the same benefits doing them EOD.   You can buy one of these machines at most Exercise Equipment stores for less than $150.  It doesn’t take up much space in your home and its usage will provide a lifetime of benefits.


After only a few weeks, you will find this exercise has revitalized your lower back. Your back stiffness and fatigue  from sitting in traffic or at a desk all day will all but vanish.  Furthermore, your risk for injury will be significantly reduced, and your posture will dramatically improve.  And eliminating the chronic spasms and debilitating effects of low back pain is something you can’t put a price on.

The Muscle Couple is more than happy to discuss a program with you (regardless of your fitness level) to eradicate these symptoms from your life.