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“The Muscle Couple Mix”-Protein Before-During and After Training

The Muscle Couple has made it a personal mission to tell all their friends and even enemies over the years of the importance of “Post-Workout Protein“.  You can’t change your appearance without it. It’s Commandment #1 of the 10 Commandments of Physique Improvement for Men .  

But what if it was becoming just as important to consume protein right before and during your training?  

 It's Best To Drink Your Protein Shake Mixture Right Before and  During Training?

It’s Best To Drink Your Protein Shake Mixture Right Before and During Training?

It appears the latest research is showing just that.  There is a compelling body of evidence the right mixture of nutrients(notably Fast Acting Whey Protein and Simple Carbs), taken at key points in the skeletal tissue regeneration cycle, will optimize improvements in muscle tissue growth, strength, and enhance recovery from exercise.  There appears to be true synergy between these nutrients. Much of the data also confirms these nutrients, taken both before and after training, have a greater effect on lean mass and strength than when taken at other times of the day.

Additional recent studies and data have shown the most efficient way to stay in an anabolic state throughout your workout is to Consume 20-30 gms of FAST DIGESTING PROTEIN before you train.  The amino acids from the protein will stay in your bloodstream as you train helping to prevent muscle tissue catabolism or breakdown during your training.

So putting all of this together it appears there is a “Workout Window” before-during and after your training where your body is primed to absorb the nutrients provided by fast acting protein and simple sugars(carbs).  If you want to optimize your nutrition to gain muscle mass, strength and enhance recovery, it’s vital to consume this combination during this “window”.

So what is the best strategy to achieve this? 

You can utilize the:  

The Muscle Couple Mix 

Mix 35-70gms of high quality whey with 60-80g of high GI carbs (such as glucose, sucrose or maltodextrin, etc.,)in shaker bottle and carry it with you to the gym. Drink half before and during training, and the other half immediately following your workout. 

If you do this at every workout, you will be well on your way to ensuring you are taking advantage of the most cutting edge nutritional strategies available today.   There are even additional supplements  you could add to this concoction like Creatine, Glutamine and even Nitrogen Oxide stimulators.  Sounds like a topic for another Blog we’ll discuss in the near future.  

Have a great day!



Simply Gargle

I wanted to pass on this wonderful new product in light of the massive cold and flu epidemic that appears to be sweeping North America right now.  


This stuff is the SHIZZEL!

This stuff is the SHIZZEL!

Trust us when we tell you there is really nothing better.   Drugs and Antibiotics will just tire you out and weaken your immune system further.   Taking this stuff will get you strong and back on your feet in an all natural way very quickly.  

I finally got “sick” with sore throat and body aches on Monday afternoon.  After 36 hours and 4 packets of this stuff, I’m feeling 100% again and ready to take on the world.   Do yourself a favor and pick some of this stuff up at your nearest pharmacy or grocery store.  

And you can use this to improve immune function as well.  A   long night of partying or being in a smoke filled environment for too long, pop one of these before you go to sleep and instantly boost your immune system.

MC Tip of the Day

Whenever performing a standing exercise, always have a slight bend in your knees and shoulder wide stance to minimize stress on the lower back and erector muscles.

Anh’s Supplement Schedule-Dieting!

Time to talk about Anhski’s supplement routine.  The first thing to understand about Anh is that she has what I like to call “Optimum Genetics”.  She could subside off of pizza-Mountain Dew and Gummi Bears and would still remain skinny her entire life.  People like Anh have an amazing natural insulin suppresing response when they eat.

The biochemical effect of the food she ingests is always blunted and quickly oxidized for excretion.  Most humans aren’t “biochemically lucky” in that way.  Usually when a person eats simple sugars combined with fat, (normal processed and refined food diet)their body’s insulin response goes haywire and it programs the body to store the excess calories/sugar as triglyceride(fat).  Even worse is that the triglyceride will be stored in the areas where you are prone to store it.  We won’t go too deep about receptor sites-adipocytes and stubborn fat storage.

Back to Anh.  Because her body is so “biochemically efficient” with her insulin response, her biggest problem his holding onto and gaining muscle.  She needs to consume a lot of protein and EFA’s to build muscle.

When we first met she weighed 89 pounds and was a skinny waif like creature.  She now is a glorious 108 pound muscularly dense firecracker.   This has not been easy for her.  As hard as it is for many people to lose bodyfat, it’s just as hard for Anh to gain and maintain muscle.  Imagine that?   So when she diets, her supplement schedule isn’t nearly as hardcore nor is it as focused with taking off body fat.  Her focus is on protein and quality EFA’s every 3.4.5 hours and making sure she gets enough kcals so her energy doesn’t drop.  Being a full time Mother to a very demanding 1 year old baby girl (so much like her Daddy), is also quite difficult.  She is also targeting the “deep etched abs” look.  We’ll discuss that more when we break down our training.

8AM—Wake Up(she is up at 5 with Alexandra and usually goes back to sleep until now)1 VPX Meltdown(excellent Thermogenic for Women due to is Yohimbine Variants and it’s unique ability to offer mild euphoria/feel good sensation)

CARDIO—15 Minutes of Moderate to High Intensity Intervals on Stationary Bike.

9:30AMProtein Shake(35gms Protein-1 Tablespoon of Udo’s Oil-14gms of EFA’s)-2gms C-400ius E-800mcg Folic Acid, 2 Caps Bone Up, 1 Womens Multi Mineral Cap (Vitamin World)

11:30AM—1 Meltdown and 12 Ounces of Water

12-30-1PM–Lunch consisting of Egg Whites-Spinach-Turkey/ChickenEnglish Muffin (30-35gms Protein-14gms Fat from cooking with Olive Oil, 30gms Carbs)

3PM–1 Meltdown and 12 Ounces of Water

4PM-Protein Shake(MRP)–Muscle Milk Lite or Atkins Shake(15-20gms Protein)

On Training Days

Post Workout Shake (35gms Protein, 45gms of Malto Dextrin Carbs from Powder)

Non-Training Days

Dinner-Lean Protein-Salad and Sometimes Starch from “Brown Rice or Red Potatoes-12 Ounces Water

10PM–Protein Pudding (homemade)20-25gms of Protein from Whey Protein mixed with Fat Free Pudding.

There you have it.  Anh is essentially taking 3 doses a day of a thermogenic(VPX Meltdown), eating about 150gms of Protein and striving to consume 75gms of EFA’s.  (Essential Fatty Acids and “Healthy Fat”).

If you are a woman reading this blog and have questions for myself or Anh, feel free to ask away.  We are more than happy to offer advice and make recommendations.


Jay’s Daily Supplement Routine

It’s not easy getting “ripped”. 

It requires a lot of dietary sacrifice, cardio and of course “SUPPLEMENTS” to prime the body for fat loss.  We spend a decent amount monthly to facilitate getting into optimal condition.

Without further adieu, here is a normal “Fat Loss” supplement schedule for Jay:

7:AM1 Lipo 6 Cap-4 Green Tea Caps-6-L-Carnitine 500mg Caps-8 Ounces of Water on empty stomach

Meal 1(Protein Shake)-2 Gms Vit C, 800iu’s Vit E Caps, 3 Red Yeast Rice Capsules-1 Tylers Liver Detox Cap-1000mgs Cinnamon Cap-3 Caps Bone Up-2 Tablespoons of Udo’s Oil in Protein Shake

11:AM1 Lipo 6 Cap-4 Green Tea Caps-4 Acetyl L-Carnitine Caps(500mg per capsule)4 EFA Oil Caps(Vitamin World Brand)

Meal 2(Lunch)8 Fiber Caps-1 Cap of ALA

3:PM1 Lipo 6-4 Green Tea Caps-6 L-Carnitine Caps-4 EFA Oil Caps

Meal 4(Dinner)8 Fiber Caps-1 Cap of ALA-4 EFA Caps-1Cinnamon Cap

Usually there are no supplements consumed after 8PM so we don’t disturb our sleeping patterns. 

A couple of comments about supplements.  Don’t believe what many people will tell you about “supplements”.  Candidly, supplement usage is the difference from a fitness model level look and an average person who exercises and eats a healthy diet regularly.  Supplements do in fact cost money and it’s not cheap to “look the way” we do.    Genetics plays a major role and Anh and I are lucky enough to possess above average genetics relative to being lean and muscular as an adaptive response to our training.  

Don’t think for one second our look is from recent training and supplement usage though.  I’ve been using supplements since I was 24 years old (and could afford them)all the way until now.(Anh for about 6 years now)  We’ve experimented with just about everything that’s come down the pike.  Only recently (the last 5 years)has the science of modern nutritional supplementation taken off.  I can honestly say there are numerous OTC supplements one can use to build a very high quality physique.  This is not to say that many people still don’t use Anabolic and Androgenic drugs to enhance their physique.  But you can definitely build an award winning and “pro caliber” body without the use of drugs.   We definitely don’t look down ony anyone who does choose to use drugs to build a quality physique.   If these writings ever goe where we intend, I’m sure there will be many future blogs discussing drugs, their prevalence and how to best use them as an “adjunct”.   

We’ll post Anh’s supplement schedule soon along with all of our workouts broken out to the set and rep level. 



Jay’s Weekday Diet

Protein Shake with 2 Tablespoons of UDO’s Oil
45-60 Gms Protein with 25-35 Gms EFA’s

11:30PM(if working out of Home Office)
12 Egg Whites-Sun Dried Tomatoes-Spinach-Scrambled Together-1/2 Cup of Oatmeal
45-50 Gms Protein-10-15 Gms EFAs-60gms Carbs

2:30PM(Home or Road)
1.5 Cans Albacore Tuna with either 1/3rd cup Brown Rice or Salad(pre-packaged in Tupperware if on the road visiting clients)-Italian Salad Dressing/Mayo
50 Gms Protein-15-20gms EFA’s and 10-40gms Carbs(depending on Salad or Brown Rice)

5PM(Home or Road)
Same as Meal 3 usually

7:30-8PM(Weight Training Days Only)
Post Workout Protein Shake
60gms Whey Protein-55-65gms of Maltodextrin Powder Carbs

8PM(Dinner-Non Weight Training Days)

8:45(Dinner on Weight Training Days)
Dinner consisting of Lean Protein(Steak-Chicken-Turkey-Salmon etc) with all the Salad I can eat.
50-60 gms Protein-25-35gms Fat-Trace Carbs

1 tablespoon of Peanut Butter(14gms Fat and 25gms of Whey Protein Blended together)

Daily Macronutrient Goal: 

2500-2900 Kcals

250 to 300gms Protein

100-125gms Fat(mostly from EFA’s)

100-200gms of Carbs (slow burning low GI carbs) 

Jay will eat more Carbs on Weight Training days as his body’s Glycogen stores will be lower

Jay is trying to rigidly adhere to the plan day in and day out.  He will substitute appropriately when eating out or on the road.   
Some Do’s

I eat Oatmeal when I need something filling and thick-carb based.   Nothing satiates you better and it’s great for the body as it’s very slow burning.
cut out Cereal at all cost. (Stuff is pure garbage—it’s all Gluten bi-product crap and it destroys your body’s ability to metabolize normally)
Avoid Dairy Products like the plague.   Cheese-Milk-Lactose containing Yogurts etc….GARBAGE!

Minimize Diet Cola consumption(Phosphoric Acid and Carbonation plays havoc on your digestive system and erodes tooth enamel big time)

Stay Hydrated with Water or Flavored Water(I make sure to drink up to a gallon a day or more)

Some Don’ts

Skip Breakfast ever(Buy Pre-Packaged RTD Shakes if you are too busy to prepare one)

Drink Sugar Based Colas or Flavored Sports Drinks(Empty Calories and they cause Blood Sugar Spikes)

Go more than 4.5 hours without eating something containing Protein and Fat (Carry around Protein Bars-Nuts etc in your Bag-Briefcase

Eat Fast Food(if you have to order Grilled Chicken or Chicken Salads…Fast Food and Trans Fats will shorten your life span)

Drink Beer(You should minimize all Alcohol consumption but Beer is pure belly fat storage fuel)