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The Muscle B’s First Steps

It happened.  She launched.  The best part was the song on in the background  @Americana at the Glendale Galleria.  Couldn’t have been more perfect.    Mommy and Daddie are very happy but not nearly as much as the Buscuit herself.  

Check her out!

We’ll have her doing Bodyweight squats in no time flat.  😉

MC Tip of the Day

Strive for 1-2 Tablespoons of Udo’s Oil/Flax Seed Oil per day in your protein shake, salad or while cooking for the EFA’s and all of the wonderful things they do for your body.


Muscle B Nourishment 101

Hello wonderful readers!  It was a long day for the Muscle Couple.  The Muscle B took her first steps today and we are so proud and excited for her.  

Jay actually shot a video from his Crackberry and we’ll be putting it on the blog in the next couple of days.   For now, due to total exhaustion, we’ll just leave you with this pic from this afternoon.  

In case you hadn’t figured out why we call Alexandra the “Muscle B’, I’m fairly certain this shot will give the secret away.

"Here's the reason why I'm walking and talking @ 13 months"

"Here's the reason why I'm walking and talking @ 13 months"

MC Tip of the Day

If at all possible, never allow your infant/toddler to go more than 6 hours in a row without a nap.  The utter chaos and onery crying which  ensues will run the rest of your day.  😉  


The Muscle B Rides with the Top Down

Check her out!   And before the lectures start -we were only driving 15 mph from our crib to Gold’s Gym in Pasadena(1.4 miles).

Our daughter is something else with the wind in her hair and sick House Music pumping thru the system.

MC Tip of the Day

Stay focused and remain positive even in light of a terrible economy!

What Matters in Life

Sometimes family gets in the way of this blog.  

Every day I’m dedicated and determined to post something  we’re passionate about.  But then-sometimes, Alexandra happens.  And when she happens, let me tell you.  The world stops.  And it damn well should.  

I could go on for days about why the world is apparently failing.  But is there any greater cause then a general lack of parenting ?  The Muscle Couple is doing their best to raise the Muscle B with as much love-attention and support as possible.  

Tonight there is no blog or words of wisdom about Dieting-Nutrition or politics.  

There is just this:

"No Blogging for Da Da"

"No Blogging for Da Da"


A Sleeping Buscuit

 A miracle occured at the Muscle Couple home tonight.  

My Dad and Sister Caity flew out from Atlanta and hung out with us from early evening thru Dinner.  My sister Sara came up after work and also joined us.  The Buscuit really likes my youngest sister Caity. Whatever Caity did, she got her battery to finally run out.  

You are viewing the first time Alexandra passed out before midnight.  Thanks Caity!  


"A Real Live Sleeping Buscuit"

"A Real Live Sleeping Buscuit"

Long day for the Muscle Couple again.  

Anh got herself a new BMW X3, and is REALLY HAPPY!  Feel free to ask her about it.  BEEMERS ROCK!   Thanks to my sister Sara for snapping this pic to prove to the world (and most importantly me)the Muscle B actually can sleep.