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Eliminating Low Back Pain for Life

The Muscle Couple  with an important commentary on preventing and eliminating LBP (Low Back Pain).

One of the saddest things you’ll see in life is an old person who is literally bent over at the waist from a deteriorated spine.  There can be numerous reasons why their body takes on that shape/form in their late ages, but it’s absolutely devastating for their mobility and quality of life. 

This is no condition to find yourself late in life.

This is no condition to find yourself late in life.

Back pain is such a horrible and commonplace malady for people of all walks of life.  And to think it can be easily alleviated if not cured for many with some changes to their exercise routine.  The best way to guard against it from ever happening to you is by strengthening your spine and most specifically your lower back muscles known as the Erector Spinae”.

The Muscles of the back are very closely intertwined easily detailing the complexity of LBP

The Muscles of the back are very closely intertwined easily detailing the complexity of LBP

So many trainees overlook this muscle group in their training in their early 20’s and some even into their middle and late 30’s.  And it will catch up with you quickly.  Neglecting your low back musculature will lead to numerous muscular imbalances in your core, your upper shoulders/neck and your hamstrings.  Adding to the problem is long term seated posture while working, sitting in traffic or in front of a computer half of every day. Before you know it, you’ve got all kinds of problems like Lordosis, a pooch/paunch down in your lower abs/belly and terrible “LBP”. (LOW BACK PAIN)  LBP is the #1 cause of disability in the United States.  

So how do you prevent against it?   It’s actually a pretty simple exercise to insert into your routine  The Muscle  Couple believes the best exercise to strengthen your lower back and improve your Erector Spinae is Low Back Extensions on a Roman Chair.(known also as a Hyperextension)

This Exercise will provide a lifetime devoid of Lower Back Pain

This Exercise will provide a lifetime devoid of Lower Back Pain


Your Erectors act as primary  movers extending your back at your hip and allowing you to move your torso  upward.  They also allow your torso to move downward in a controlled fashion to restart the movement. As they become stronger it becomes easier to do multiple reps.  As you progress into higher rep ranges, you can actually begin to use the “Progressive Overload principle of adding weight to the resistance of the movement.  This can be done by holding a weight plate across your chest with both arms or even holding it in your hands with arms extended as you perform the reps.   

Your “Hamstring Muscles” also are involved in this exercise acting as anchors(hip extensors) when your legs are locked into the position provided by the machine.  You should always stretch your hamstrings right after you finish your sets to make them more pliable and to minimize and eliminate tightness from long term seated posture.  Let’s face it, in the internet day and age we can all benefit from increased hamstring flexibility after sitting in front of computers for hour after hour.

So how often should you perform these exercises?  It really doesn’t hurt to do them every day in your home or concurrently with your Ab training when at the gym.  The Muscle Couple perform 3 sets every day after our cardio. You most likely will see the same benefits doing them EOD.   You can buy one of these machines at most Exercise Equipment stores for less than $150.  It doesn’t take up much space in your home and its usage will provide a lifetime of benefits.


After only a few weeks, you will find this exercise has revitalized your lower back. Your back stiffness and fatigue  from sitting in traffic or at a desk all day will all but vanish.  Furthermore, your risk for injury will be significantly reduced, and your posture will dramatically improve.  And eliminating the chronic spasms and debilitating effects of low back pain is something you can’t put a price on.

The Muscle Couple is more than happy to discuss a program with you (regardless of your fitness level) to eradicate these symptoms from your life.