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Training Update

The Muscle Couple hasn’t offered a training update in a while.   We figured it was time for an update.  

Ever since the hard core dieting and preparation for WMC in Miami, we’ve been eating relativey unrestrained.  We’re still training intensely and doing our cardio but the peak look we had in late March, early April is gone.  

We’ll probably go thru another “Look Great Phase” sometime in the next 45 days in preparation for Summer.   For now,  here is what our Training looks like:

3 Day Split:


Anh is doing her Cardio @ Gold’s Gym about 4-5 days a week.  She drops off the Muscle B at the Kids Club and gets about 45 minutes in between the Stair stepper, Walking Lunges and some abs.  

I am riding my bike first thing in the AM for 15-20 minutes depending on my mood, the Music on my Crackberry or how hard the Thermogenic has kicked in.  😉

Here is some Detail from DAY 1 of our training(we did this today)


  • Hammer Incline Press x3 Sets 10 Reps-10 Reps-Failure
  • Dips on the Assisted Dip Macine x3 Sets Reps to Failure each set
  • Cable Flyes x3 Sets 10 Reps-10 Reps-Reps to Failure


  • Cheat Bar Skull Crushers x3 Sets 10 Reps-10 Reps-Reps to Failure
  • Overhead Rope Extensions with a Twist x3 Sets 10 Reps-10 Reps-Reps to Failure
  • Reverse Tricep Pressdowns x3 Sets 10 Reps-10 Reps-Reps to Failure


  • Hanging Leg Raises x3 Sets of Failure Each Set

As I’ve typed recently,  there is MAJOR NEWS coming from us in the very near future.  Good stuff for all of our readers.

See you tomorrow!

Quick Pic of the Muscle B!

Look at the Water Buscuit!

Look at the Water Buscuit!



Last Minute Conditioning for Miami-T-Minus 2 Days and Counting

A bunch of people have asked us recently.   How do you get yourself into “peak condition” at the right time?  How do you attain the “dry, vascular-shredded look” with low intra-cellular water, salt retention etc.  

Let me tell you!   It’s not easy.   We try and follow a protocol but its not full proof and life with a Muscle B does tend to get in the way.  It also takes a lot of self experimentation and trial and error.  

Here is what Anh and I have been doing starting on Saturday. (The protocol should start 7 days from when you want to look your best)

  • 7 Days Out……As low as possible sodium content foods.  Avoiding dressings, marinades. 
  • 6 Days Out……Drink 1 1/2 gallons of distilled water.   Small solid meals-complex carbs only(oatmeal,brown rice-veggies)low fat, chicken fish for protein.
  • 5 Days Out…...Same as Day 6
  • 4 Days Out……Drink 1 gallon distilled water and start taking Diuretic supplement(morning and night).  Same food.
  • 3 Days Out……3/4 gallon of distilled water.  Same food and Diurectic but lower carb content.
  • 2 Days Out……1/2 gallon of distilled water.  Same food and Diuretic but even lower carb content.
  • 1 Day Out………Sip water and chew ice cubes.  Food is protein and EFA’s only along with Diuretic
  • Day Of…………..Goal of peaking for photos late morning or early afternoon-Big juicy steak with some simple sugars to bring out some last minute vascularity.

To stay “dry and shredded”, you want to keep sodium laden foods to a minimum and drink a lot of caffeinated beverages (as caffeine is a natural diuretic).  Avoid fat and sugar together and try to get protein from clean sources like Chicken and Fish.  If you are in the sun, you’ll need to replenish fluids and eletrolytes and will have to drink some water.

We’ll be attending pool parties everyday for a week so the goal is to stay ‘ripped’ most of the time.   We’ll be taking plenty of pictures from the daily goings on at WMC.  Make sure to check the blog to catch some photos of the action.  

MC Tip of the Day

Always perform exercises to strengthen and stretch your rotator cuff every other chest/upper body workout.  The rotator cuff is easily the most important stabilizer muscle of the shoulder girdle.  Without it being pliable and relaxed, you will be unable to train your upper body effectively.

Here is a video of Jay performing Preacher Curls at Gold’s Gym Pasadena


3 Weeks In–Pics from GOLD’s GYM VENICE

Our progress is coming along.

Jay needs to start tanning but bodyfat is steadily dropping for both of us.

All of our training is centered around:

  • Golds Pasadena (our Home Base)
  • 24 Hour Fitness(Great Childcare 7 Days a Week for Alexandra)
  • THE MECCA”—GOLDS GYM VENICE (There is no place more inspiring to train.  Between lifting with Lou Ferrigno and spotting various other Celebs and Fitness Pros, its a very cool and unique experience.)

Here are some pictures from the last week taken at Gold’s Pasadena.  In our next blog, we’ll start to discuss Jay’s Supplement Routine.

Jay Performing Seated DB Rows

Jay Performing Seated DB Rows

Anh performing Contracted Cable Rows

Anh performing Contracted Cable Rows

Jay also performing Contracted Cable Rows

Jay also performing Contracted Cable Rows

Anh's upper back in contracted/stretch position

Anh's upper back in contracted/stretch position

Golds in Pasadena

Anh showing her pumped arms!

Anh showing her pumped arms!

This was the beginning training session of our 2nd Week.

Chest and Triceps and Abs at Golds in Pasadena.

So far everything is progressing steadily.

I will post both of our diets in a future post.  Here are some more pictures.


Anh performing Reverse Tricep Extensions

Anh performing Reverse Tricep Extensions