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“The Muscle Couple Mix”-Protein Before-During and After Training

The Muscle Couple has made it a personal mission to tell all their friends and even enemies over the years of the importance of “Post-Workout Protein“.  You can’t change your appearance without it. It’s Commandment #1 of the 10 Commandments of Physique Improvement for Men .  

But what if it was becoming just as important to consume protein right before and during your training?  

 It's Best To Drink Your Protein Shake Mixture Right Before and  During Training?

It’s Best To Drink Your Protein Shake Mixture Right Before and During Training?

It appears the latest research is showing just that.  There is a compelling body of evidence the right mixture of nutrients(notably Fast Acting Whey Protein and Simple Carbs), taken at key points in the skeletal tissue regeneration cycle, will optimize improvements in muscle tissue growth, strength, and enhance recovery from exercise.  There appears to be true synergy between these nutrients. Much of the data also confirms these nutrients, taken both before and after training, have a greater effect on lean mass and strength than when taken at other times of the day.

Additional recent studies and data have shown the most efficient way to stay in an anabolic state throughout your workout is to Consume 20-30 gms of FAST DIGESTING PROTEIN before you train.  The amino acids from the protein will stay in your bloodstream as you train helping to prevent muscle tissue catabolism or breakdown during your training.

So putting all of this together it appears there is a “Workout Window” before-during and after your training where your body is primed to absorb the nutrients provided by fast acting protein and simple sugars(carbs).  If you want to optimize your nutrition to gain muscle mass, strength and enhance recovery, it’s vital to consume this combination during this “window”.

So what is the best strategy to achieve this? 

You can utilize the:  

The Muscle Couple Mix 

Mix 35-70gms of high quality whey with 60-80g of high GI carbs (such as glucose, sucrose or maltodextrin, etc.,)in shaker bottle and carry it with you to the gym. Drink half before and during training, and the other half immediately following your workout. 

If you do this at every workout, you will be well on your way to ensuring you are taking advantage of the most cutting edge nutritional strategies available today.   There are even additional supplements  you could add to this concoction like Creatine, Glutamine and even Nitrogen Oxide stimulators.  Sounds like a topic for another Blog we’ll discuss in the near future.  

Have a great day!



“Ladies-Build Your Bones”

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There is nothing more important for independent living and a vigorous life than strong bones.  They provide structure, protect your organs and anchor your muscles.   Because women lose calcium and minerals regularly thru Menstruation, they are fighting a constant and lifelong battle in preventing Osteoporosis.

There is nothing worse for an aging woman than weak bones and a frail body.  How will you get in and out of your car, carry groceries or even lift and carry your grandchildren?  The best way to combat this is by smart-focused and consistent resistance training. 

Bones get stronger when they are continuously forced to adapt and especially when subject to weight bearing loads.  The more forceful the stress, the stronger your bones become.  Over time with more weight and more intense training, your body will respond in tune by becoming stronger and with harder denser bones.

The best activities for strong and healthy bones are full body compound movements such as Squats, Lunges, Standing Overhead Lifts and Lower body pulls and plyometrics-(specifically bounding, leaping, stepping  and other ballistic movements that force your body to grow stronger from the stress.)  Plyometrics should only be used by advanced trainees and are not for elderly people or beginners.

It’s also incredibly important to take a High Quality Calcium Supplement.  The Muscle Couple uses Bone Up from Jarrow Formulas.     

Our Favorite Calcium Supplement

Our Favorite Calcium Supplement

It’s also imperative Commandment #6 from The 10 Commandments of Physique Improvement for Men”  .85gms of Protein per pound of lean body weight is followed religiously to allow for adequate bone regeneration thru protein replenishment and turnover.

The Muscle Couple believes it should be a woman’s focal motivation as she ages to strengthen her spine and bones to prevent the horrible prone position evidenced frequently by older folks in society with severe osteoporosis.